Deep tissue massage

A powerful massage!


A deep tissue massage penetrates to the deepest layers of muscles and connective tissue. Muscle tensions and knots are kneaded with hands, knuckles and elbows. This vigorous powerful massage helps to treat muscle problems but preventive work can also be done. Because this massage activates the supply of oxygen and the removal of waste at a deep level, it has a healing and a preventive effect. Deep tissue massage can reduce chronic pain and stress. It is an ideal massage for athletes, people who do heavy physical work or people who are exposed to a lot of stress, a high workload and/or emotional tensions.


If you want to get rid of your pain or tension, do not wait any longer and make an appointment!



(30 minutes = € 30,-)

(45 minutes = € 42,-)

(60 minutes = € 54,-)

(90 minutes = € 70,-)