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My name is Alexandra Boecke, I am a qualified massage therapist and a certified masseur for Oncology Massage. 

I received my massage training at Therapeutisch Opleidingscentrum Kersten and Instituut Massage bij Kanker.

My massages are aimed at relaxation, prevention or treatment of complaints.


A good massage is an effective treatment that can be applied to relax, to prevent complaints or as a healing effect on complaints.

A massage can have a stimulating or soothing effect depending on the nature, speed and depth of the handles.

Massage heals

Massage is good for both body and mind. The touch and friction of the skin and the kneading of the muscles stimulate the production of serotonin and oxytocin, which reduces stress, improves sleep and boosts the feeling of happiness. Massage makes the muscles more flexible, helps improve the blood circulation and activates the lymph fluid circulation which carries metabolic waste products away.

During a massage, thoughts settle down, space for new energy gets created and the ability to concentrate improves. Massage is therefore highly recommended in busy and chaotic times.

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My practice is affiliated with CAT (Collective Alternative Therapist).





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