Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a relaxing massage, a massage with loving attention. We look at what is possible at that moment. The situation at that moment is taken into account, such as the physical and emotional condition, complaints, medication, energy level, etc.
Oncology massage is not aimed at healing but at relaxation, so that recovery can be supported. Cancer treatments are often radical, require a lot of energy and leave their marks. There is also a lot going on emotionally. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression are common complaints. That is understandable because life has changed completely, nothing is the same anymore, people are being lived.
Moments of loving attention, where everything is allowed, nothing is right or wrong, are very valuable. Oncology massage helps to make contact with the body and to regain confidence.

Scientific research shows that massage can alleviate cancer complaints and complaints of the treatments. For example, massage can help with nausea, pain (experience), depression, mood swings, anxiety, stress, sleeping problems and fatigue.

Cancer occurs in many types and at many different places in the body. Cancer treatment often takes place through a combination of different therapies, all with their own, sometimes lasting, side effects. The physical, psychological, emotional and social impact is considerable. This must be taken into account during a massage! That’s why there is an extensive intake before undergoing the first massage.

Oncology massage is possible at any stage! Because even years after treatment there still can be chronic fatigue or permanent side effects.
Even when healing is no longer possible, massage can improve the quality of life by giving a moment of relaxation and relief. Massage helps you to reach your emotions and to create mental peace.

Discover the wonderful power of a loving touch!


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(Intake = € 60,-)

(Massage 30 minutes = € 30,-)

(Massage 45 minutes = € 42,-)

(Massage 60 minutes = € 54,-)