Relaxation massage

A perfect way to relax!


Do you want some time for yourself, forget the hectic of the day and just doing nothing! Spoil yourself with a relaxation massage. It’s a gentle way to calm body and mind. By using heated oil in combination with a scent (essential oil) of your choice and a quiet music in the background, your body will be helped to fully relax and enjoy.

A relaxation massage is a truly gift for your body!

You can put together your own relaxation massage:

– choose between several essential oils
– massage of the whole body (front and back) ór
– more attention to a part of the body (for example back/neck/shoulders)
– determine the pressure of the massage


Be kind to your body and discover the power of true relaxation!


Do you have questions or do you want to make an appointment, please contact me.


(45 minutes = € 42,-)

(60 minutes = € 54,-)

(90 minutes = € 70,-)

(Essential oil = + 5,- euro)